Hello to all the property owners on Mink Lake.  This spring has been up and down weather wise but I read that the weather network is predicting a hotter and drier summer than normal.  After the last few years, it will be a welcome change.

At the Annual General Meeting last September, the executive was elected; a decision to join FOCA and purchase liability insurance was agree upon and an agreement to hold annual fees at $20 instead of the $25, set forth the year before, was decided.

We now are a member of the Federation of Ontario Cottage Associations. (FOCA).  Members will receive a separate e-mail or snail mail on how to access FOCA information.   We are in the process of getting liability insurance and should have it in place within a week or so.

At a recent executive meeting it was decided to have an Information Meeting at the Lake St. Peter Community Centre on June 6th at 11:00 a.m. Children are welcome to attend.  It is not an ideal date but we learned that the community centre books up very quickly in the summer.  At the meeting, we will outline the benefits and processes related to FOCA.  We will also have a free BBQ and have signup sheets for activities this summer.  Some of the definite events are: a Children’s Fishing Derby and BBQ (July25th), a Community Garage Sale (August 8th) and a community potluck and bonfire (Aug 22nd).  There are other activities that we are proposing but they will depend on volunteers and participation.  The possible activities  are ATV Trail rides, euchre, cards, board games, bonfires, potluck dinners, walking club, book club, dinner and theatre in Bancroft, golf, horseshoes, photography, astronomy, geocaching, and anything that is of interest to our members.  Contact John McLellan if you have more suggestions.  Please RSVP any Board member so we can purchase sufficient food for the BBQ.

I encourage all of you to join the association.  Our goal is to improve the social, safety and environmental life on our lake.  For many of you, Mink Lake is your summer home and an important asset in your portfolio.  It should be a safe, fun place to live.  Without a major commercial asset on the lake (e.g. marina or store), it is hard for cottagers to get to know other cottagers.  We hope to assist you in getting to know your neighbours.  Contact Valda Cormack for more information about joining the association.

A thank you to Tamra and Paul Allure for their contributions to the association.  They recently had to resign as Board members due to other pressures.  Finally, a thank you to Valda who has been e-mailing you with updates about the lake.

Dates to Remember

June 6th  11:00 a.m. General  Information Meeting and BBQ Lake St. Peter Community Centre
July 25th 11:00 a.m. Children’s Fishing Derby and BBQ Boat launch
August 8th a.m. Community Garage Sale Boat launch
August 22nd Community Potluck Dinner and bonfire
Sept. 6th at 11:00 a.m. Annual General Meeting Lake St. Peter Community Centre



The 2014/2015 Board Executive

President John McLellan 613-338-5286   613-919-5697 2125 B Mink Lake Rd.
Vice –President open
Treasurer Valda Cormack 613-338- 1142 2125A Mink Lake Rd.
Secretary Linda MacLennan 613-338-1176 996F Dam Road
Social open
Environmental Gordon Cohen 613-338-5403 210 Hammond Rd.
Communications open


We are looking for additional Board members.  We need many more if we want a regatta next year.


Thank you,


John McLellan




Fall 2011 Newsletter

2011 Fall President’s Message

Mink Lake Fall 20011

It has proven to be a very busy few months since the association met at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September.  Your Board of Directors has undertaken a number of key initiatives and planning for 2012 is well underway.

 In late September, our President, Rob Jamieson, sold his cottage on the lake and as a result resigned from the Board of Directors.  I would like to thank Rob for his contribution and wish him and his family well in the future.  As the current Vice President, I have been tasked with heading up the Association until a new President is elected at our AGM in September 2012.

 In October, we launched the association’s first website.  It can be found at  The website is fairly basic but we have included quite a few resources including links to purchase snowmobile and ATV passes, a downloadable form for registering and paying membership dues and a waste management schedule from the Municipality.  Our main goal with the website is to increase effective communication with the membership, so please visit the website regularly for updates on important issues effecting our lake.  You can also find us on Facebook by searching for “Mink Lake Property Owners” or “Mink Lake Neighbourhood”. 

 I would also encourage all residents and family who have not yet taken the Boatsmart exam, now mandatory for everyone driving a boat, to do so by clicking the Boatsmart Referral logo located at the bottom of our website’s homepage.  The association will receive a $12 referral fee for everyone who takes the exam after clicking on that link.

 A number of residents have raised concerns with the Board regarding the proposed replacement of the old Bailey bridge on Dam Road.  We sent a communication to members regarding this in October.  There has been no change in status from the Municipality at the time of writing this.  There is no date set for replacement and we have reassurance from both Councillor Frank Hickey and Chief Operating Officer Craig Davidson that there will be a contingency plan in place to ensure that residents will have access to and from their property during the construction phase.  As new information becomes available we will update residents accordingly.

 For 2012, the Board has set a number of key strategic priorities.  We are currently planning to host our first kids’ fishing derby, likely on the August long weekend, with prizes and a barbeque to follow.  If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please contact a member of the Board.  We have committed to producing four annual newsletters to ensure that residents are hearing from us on a regular basis.  The bulletin board on Mink Lake Road is in dire need of repair and updating.  It will be upgraded in the Spring.  We are looking into signage to remind boaters of speed limits in the narrows.  We will be having discussions with the Ministry of Natural Resources regarding the Dam and the stocking of fish in the lake.  We will be undertaking a review of our by-laws to ensure that the Board is structured properly for current and future needs.

 At the heart of our Association is the membership.  Reviewing our current membership, it is apparent that only approximately 30 percent of our residents are members of the association.  Our only source of revenue today comes from membership fees so we are greatly limited in what we can do without getting much more support from residents on the lake.  We will be doing a major membership drive in the Spring to help facilitate this.  In the meantime, if you are currently a member, please encourage your neighbours to join as well.  There are details of how to join the Association on our website.

 On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday Season.

Warm Regards,

 Mike McGuire


New to the Lake

 If you are moving from the lake, new to the lake or have a new addition (child or grandchild), then send a message to Mike McGuire and he will post it on the blog page.  If you are aware of someone who has passed away, contact the family and with their permission, let Mike know.  Our goal is to keep our community informed.

 Winter in North Hastings

 There are many things to do if you come to the lake this winter.  The Bancroft Curling Club has bonspiels nearly every week.  Madawaska Mountain has downhill skiing and cross-country is available at many locations.  Ice fishing (you will need a licence), snowmobiling, snow-shoeing and just sitting and watching the lake and snow are always enjoyable activities.  It sure beats looking at the slush and cars in the city. For the more adventurous you might try dog sledding or try riding a luge at Mineral Capital Luge Track    Call 613-332-4908.

 The Maynooth Library ( has activities on a regular basis.  Bancroft Hospice is offering quality movies from the Toronto International Film Festival on the second Tuesday of the month shown at the Bancroft Village  Playhouse. It is Called North of 7 Film Fest. They have a page on Facebook. Come out to the community pot luck at 6:00 pm on the third Wednesday of the month at the Lake St. Peter Community Centre.  Bring a dish to share and your own plate and cutlery.  Come to the lake this winter for a weekend or week.

 High Speed Internet

  Xplornet, offered at Leon’s Furniture, is offering high speed satellite internet.  A new satellite will be in place and offering G4 speeds.  The cost has come down substantially.  It will be available in the spring.  Those of us on dial-up are looking forward to higher speeds.  If anyone is aware of other options, let us know so we can share with folks on the lake.

 Snowmobiling  Poker Run

 The Maple Leaf Snow Skimmers Club is having a poker run on February 18th at the Lake St. Peter Community Centre from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Contact Diane Hammond 613-338-2905 for more information.  

 Up-dating our Records

Much of the information we have is out-dated.  If you have not already done so,  we are asking you to respond back so we can confirm your e-mail and that you still own property on the lake.  If you feel comfortable, I would like to update the home address and phone information.  We will communicate mostly through electronic communications but sometimes we may send out mailings. 

 Finally, if you paid your association fee for next year, we thank you.  If not the yearly fee is only $10 per family.  You can send it to Val Cormack, our treasurer,  at 2125A Mink Lake Road, Box 42, Lake St. Peter, K0l 2K0.