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WATERFRONT RESIDENTIAL ZONE REGULATIONS (taken from the Hastings Highlands pamphlet, available at the library.)


Section 10.3 A & B deal with measurements of your property and buildings, and are important for anyone who wants to build something.

Section C; Vegetative Buffer Adjacent to the Shoreline.

 i)   A natural buffer strip 15 metres (49.2 feet) in width shall be maintained.

What is the reason for this? The buffer, which is commonly native bushes and small trees serves 2 purposes. It cools the rainwater, orgarden watering run off. This keeps our lake cool and retards the growth ofgreen algae. It tends to stop or retard fertilizers entering the lake. These encourage vegetative growth.

Many of our properties have grass right up to the shore. This is urban influence, and is no longer permitted. Why not start by planting a modest 10-15 feet of bushes, native species?

On October 8, I attended a Hastings Highlands Shoreline Protection and Preservation Committee meeting. Subsequently Cathy Bujold, the planning coordinator for HH Municipality sent the following memo:

Good Day to All!

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on October 29, 2014staff was directed to request that the Lake Associations organize with Bancroft and Area Stewardship Council to have native trees, shrubs and plants to be available for sale to Hastings Highlands residents for the 2015 spring planting season.

Steve Wilkins is the Chair of the BASC and can be reached at 613-332-5715 or email at wilksfamily5@sypmpatico.ca


Information regarding the program can be found on BASC website at www.bancroftstewardship.ca


The delivery location could be in Maynooth to be central for all residents.  I understand delivery is in early May.

Please let me know who would like to volunteer to take the lead on this!  Thanks. Cathy

Note: This shoreline regulation came into effect in 2004.Anyone whose shoreline was cleared prior to this date will not be required to replant, only those properties cleared after 2004 are subject to the new regulation.

The trees, shrubs and plants will cost less than normal retail.

If we all do our part, we will ensure the continued health of our beautiful lake. It’s our most important asset; let’s take care of it!

Gordon Cohen

Environmental Coordinator.


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