Algonquin Land Claim Update

Attached are two documents recently sent to the MLPOA regarding the land claim settlement with the Algonquins of Ontario.  It is important to emphasize that no lands on Mink Lake or our access roads are affected by the land claim.

In addition to the letter and fact sheet from the chief negotiator for the Province, the association also received a request to draw attention to an online petition opposing the land claim deal.

The MLPOA has no official position on the Land Claim.  The information in this post is provided for the benefit of our members to keep everyone informed.

Cottage-Property Associations – 6-14-13

2013 Mar – Algonquin Fact Sheet

Reminder for the AGM

Just a reminder that the Association’s Annual General Meeting will be held this Saturday, September 1, at 10:00 am, at the Lake St. Peter Community Centre.  Please don’t forget to bring your membership fee of $10.

In addition to our regular business, the Mayor, members of the Hastings Highlands administration and Genivar will be on hand to update us on the plans for the replacement of the bridge on Dam Road.  They will have a presentation and a question and answer period after our AGM.

Update on Proposed Bridge Replacement

As most of our residents are aware, the Municipality is planning to replace the old bridge on the lake.  At our annual meeting on Labour Day weekend, Mayor Emond, Councilor Hickey and Chief Operating Officer Craig Davidson updated us on the plans to replace the bridge.  At the meeting, they indicated that it would likely take place over the winter.

For those that live on the lake year round, especially residents that would be cut off from coming and going to their homes, the planned winter bridge replacement posed some serious problems with an indefinite time frame to complete the construction.  We have heard from a number of residents with health concerns who will require an alternate route during the construction phase.

Board member Linda MacLennan spoke with Councilor Hickey this week and he wanted to assure our residents that a contingency plan will be put in place so that residents will have access to and from their property during construction.  He also noted that it is very unlikely that the construction of the new bridge will take place this winter.  It is more likely that it will happen in the Spring or Fall of 2012.

Please be rest assured that your entire Board of Directors recognizes the gravity and urgency of this issue and that it is a top priority for us.  We will continue to lobby the Municipality to ensure that our residents will have some kind of road access during the construction phase of the new bridge.

As always, if you have any concerns regarding this issue or any other matter, please email us at or reach out to one of our Board members directly.

Mike McGuire
Vice President(Acting President)