Thank You to Local Businesses

The second annual children’s fishing derby is this Saturday as previously announced.  The Mink Lake Property Owners Association would like to extend a huge thank you to the following local businesses for providing prizes for the kids at no cost to the association.  Without this kind of support from them, it would be much more difficult to hold this event.

Lock, Stock and Barrel, Bancroft

Canadian Tire, Bancroft

Home Hardware, Bancroft


Annual Fireworks Display

The annual fireworks display on the lake will take place this Saturday.  We will be firing them from Councilor Frank Hickey’s dock located on the east side of First Lake just south of Card Bay.  They will be visible from the boat launch as in previous years.  A big thank you to councilor Hickey for allowing us to use his dock this year.

Rain day for the fireworks if necessary:  Sat. Aug. 3.

Algonquin Land Claim Settlement

The provincial and federal governments recently held public consultations across Eastern Ontario regarding the nearly 36,000 km land claim settlement with the Algonquins of Ontario.  The MLPOA was recently contacted by a resident of Lake St. Peter inquiring if we were aware if any of the lands surrounding or adjacent to Mink Lake are included in this settlement.  From the map below [please click to enlarge] (source: Ontario Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs website), we believe that no land on or around Mink Lake or our access roads are affected by this land claim settlement.  The areas in red below are those that are to be part of the settlement.  It is interesting to note that a large swath of land on Lake St. Peter is part of the land claim.  More details on the Algonquin land claim can be found on the Ministry website.

land claim

Casting Call to all Residents of Mink Lake!

Yes, you read that headline correctly.  The association was recently contacted by   Ottawa based Mountain Road Productions looking for cottage owners who would be willing to take part in a new DIY show dedicated to cottage renovations.  Deadline for responses is April 30, 2013.


Do you have a to-do list that is cutting into your relaxation time?

Could your cottage kitchen be more functional?

Is the porch sad and tired looking?

Could the décor use a permanent vacation?


A top-notch designer and expert renovation team will make it happen.  Filming to take place in late Spring and Summer, 2013.  TV production will supply design expertise, labour, and substantial free materials.  Participants are required to contribute a minimum of $2000.00

To Apply please submit:

  • photos of your cottage, including all problem areas
  •  a family photo
  •  a brief written description of your situation
  • contact information

Final deadline April 30, 2013

Please apply by email to

Please note that the MLPOA has not investigated the validity of this offer or the company presenting it.  Please exercise due diligence if you are interested in participating.


2012 Spring President’s Message
With less than a week left until the Victoria Day long weekend, our sights are set for another spring and summer on Mink Lake. Your board has been busy over the winter and we are very excited about our plans for the Association for this year. At our planning session last September, the board identified a number of strategic priorities for this year. I am pleased to report that we have made progress on all of them, including our key goal to communicate more often and effectively with the membership.

Within this newsletter please see some updates on items that your board worked on over the winter months. They include: clarification from the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) on the fish stocking policy for Mink Lake; the status of the bridge replacement on Dam Road from the Municipality; the first steps in establishing speed regulation signage on the lake’s narrows; we have engaged the MNR regarding the state of the dam on the lake. Each of the above items often involve several levels of government to consult and coordinate so while we are pleased with the progress to date, there is still much work left to accomplish.

With regard to improving our communication, I remind all members that we launched the Association’s first website in November. It can be found at We also have a presence on Facebook by searching “Mink Lake Property Owners Association”. Please look to the website for real time updates to the Association’s business and activities. Within the next month, the bulletin board at Hammond Road will undergo a sorely needed restoration and improvement that will allow us to post regular communications for those members who do not have Internet access.

For the upcoming summer months, the board will be embarking on a membership drive. As noted in the Fall Newsletter, approximately only 30% of residents on the lake were members of the Association. While the launch of the new website directly resulted in a 5% increase in membership, (bringing us to 35%) we need to have a much higher number of residents join the Association if we are to have the budget and resources to effectively conduct our business and look to new social events in the future.

Planning is also well underway for the August long weekend. As in the past, the Association will be hosting a fireworks display on the Saturday evening (weather permitting). The order for the fireworks has been placed with the General Store on Highway 127 in keeping with past tradition to support our local economy. In addition, we are well underway in planning our first fishing derby followed by a barbecue at the boat launch on the lake for the same day. More details will be forwarded to the membership very soon.

On behalf of the Board, I wish all residents a safe and happy summer on the Lake.


Mike McGuire

 Board Executive

Position Name E-mail Phone
President Mike McGuire 416-508-7771
Secretary Linda MacLennan 613-338-1176
Treasurer Val Cormack 613-338-1142
Communications Bunny Chalk
Communications John McLellan 613-338-5286

New to the Lake

If you are moving from the lake, new to the lake or have a new addition (child or grandchild), then send a message to Mike McGuire and he will post it on the blog page.  If you are aware of someone who has passed away, contact the family and with their permission, let Mike know.  Our goal is to keep our community informed.

Fish Stocking

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) in Bancroft has confirmed that Mink Lake is slated for the stocking of up to 400 Lake Trout this April or May. The lake, along with many others in the area, is on a schedule to receive lake trout this year, again in 2014 and then followed by 2016, etc., every even numbered year. Each year, the MNR tests the lake to determine the overall water quality and the number of fish that the lake will accommodate in the following year.  This is welcome news for all anglers on the lake.
The ministry would like it if we released the smaller trout this year so that they have a chance to grow and to get established in the lake so that going forward we have a healthy stock in our lake.

Speed Regulation Signage in the Narrows

Transport Canada’s Office of Boating Safety and the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) were recently engaged by the Board to provide speed regulation signage at the bridge and in the narrows on the lake to increase awareness and safety for all boaters and residents with adjacent properties. As a result, the Municipality of Hastings Highlands has taken the first steps to look into the process of providing and maintaining signage to regulate the speed of boats through these areas on the lake. This issue is now an item on the agenda for the May 16 municipal planning session. It will likely take many months to complete the process, however, once we are successful, the OPP Marine Unit will have the authority to monitor and issue speeding tickets to boaters who ignore the speed limits in the narrows and under the bridge.

We also remind those boating that they should keep a reasonable distance from the shore when driving quickly.  We need to protect the shore line and watch for swimmers.

The Dam

There have been many questions and concerns raised over the current condition of the dam on Mink Lake. The dam is one of over 200 similar dams in Ontario that are managed by the Provincial Government via the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). Recent conversations with the Federation of Cottage Owner’s Associations of Ontario (FOCA) were very illuminating on this subject. According to FOCA, the state and maintenance of dams is one of the most common questions that they receive from their membership which is comprised of other lake associations across Ontario. To better address the concerns of our residents, Board member Linda MacLennan had kindly volunteered to liaise with the MNR to determine what the maintenance plan is for our dam going forward. There have been concerns about ATVs  and sports utility vehicles on the dam.  If they dam lets go or is damaged, we could experience a dramatic lowering of our lake level.
Bridge Replacement on Dam Road

The old bailey bridge on Dam Road is slated to be replaced soon. At time of writing this newsletter, we still do not have a firm date from the Municipality as to when it will be replaced. We have been given assurance that during the construction phase, no residents will be cut off from their property. There are many options to manage the safety of properties and people on Dam Road.  The town will be holding a public meeting to discuss options.  More details will follow as soon as we have confirmation from Hastings Highlands.

ATVs and Property

A reminder to ATV users that creating muddy runs can be fun but it leaves the trails a mess for others to use.  Last year, there was especially concern about the trail leading to the top of the hill just after the bridge on the Dam Road.  The trail was so damaged that walkers could not get up the hill.  Use the back bush areas and respect the areas close to people and the lake.  Do not wash your ATV in the lake.  The oils and gas get in the water.

Bear Sighting on Dam Road

As many of our members are planning for their Victoria Day weekend at the cottage, it is good time to remind everyone that we share the lake with many different species of wildlife, including black bears. This week, there was a sighting of a persistent and large black bear on Dam Road who was keenly interested in a bird feeder on one of our member’s property.

There are many different theories on what to do if you confront a bear. If you are unsure there is plenty of literature on the subject on the Internet and in libraries. But as a good neighbour on the lake, it is incumbent upon all of us to make sure that our properties are as “bear safe” as possible. That includes ensuring that there is no garbage (especially food waste) left lying around on your property. For those who have garbage collection, it means making sure that your waste is stored securely so that it does not entice hungry bears and other wildlife. It means ensuring that bird feeders are placed in positions well out of reach. It means that you should never ever intentionally leave food out for bears or other wildlife. For those who take their dogs for a walk, it is always recommended that the dogs are on a leash to avoid unexpected encounters with bears.

We have co-existed with bears and other wildlife on the lake for decades. To ensure the safety of everyone on the lake, it is important that we all do our part to “bear proof” our respective properties to reduce the risk of unintended encounters with bears.


*St. Paul’s United Church in Lake St. Peter will be holding a fundraising Bazaar on Saturday, July 14th from 9am to 1pm. at the Lake St. Peter Community Centre. You will be able to purchase crafts, baked goods and garage sale items.

*The Maynooth Farmers’Market will be opening on Saturday mornings 8am to 1pm. at the Maynooth Community Centre. There will be 30 vendors this year starting May 26th .

*The Maynooth and Area Food Bank is always appreciative of food or monetary donations. There is a box for food donations at the Maynooth Municipal Centre just inside the front door.

*The Hastings Highland Public Library in Maynooth has many activities going on all year. To review their calendars of events visit the library or check out their website at :

*There are two road construction sites on Hwy. 127 between Maynooth and Mink Lake Road. The first is at Papineau Creek Bridge and the other further down the road. There are sensors on the road there to activate the lights and signs to tell you where to stop.

* Check out the North Hastings ATV Association.  (  Their membership provides trail fees, insurance and monthly rides.

We had a very mild winter with not much snow this year and the lake ice disappeared a month earlier than usual. We also had fire bans. The prediction for this summer is hot and dry so I imagine that the bans will be on in the summer as well. So, please be extremely careful with outside fires this year.

Look for more information regarding the Fishing Derby. All volunteers will be contacted to access who is available and to divide up volunteer positions.  If you wish to volunteer, contact an executive member.

Definition of “Crazy” – Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

Up-dating our Records

Much of the information we have is out-dated.  If you have not already done so,  we are asking you to respond back so we can confirm your e-mail and that you still own property on the lake.  If you feel comfortable, I would like to update the home address and phone information.  We will communicate mostly through electronic communications but sometimes we may send out mailings.

Finally, if you paid your association fee for next year, we thank you.  If not the yearly fee is only $10 per family.  You can send it to Val Cormack, our treasurer,  at 2125A Mink Lake Road, Box 42, Lake St. Peter, K0l 2K0.