Thank You to Local Businesses

The second annual children’s fishing derby is this Saturday as previously announced.  The Mink Lake Property Owners Association would like to extend a huge thank you to the following local businesses for providing prizes for the kids at no cost to the association.  Without this kind of support from them, it would be much more difficult to hold this event.

Lock, Stock and Barrel, Bancroft

Canadian Tire, Bancroft

Home Hardware, Bancroft


Annual Fireworks Display

The annual fireworks display on the lake will take place this Saturday.  We will be firing them from Councilor Frank Hickey’s dock located on the east side of First Lake just south of Card Bay.  They will be visible from the boat launch as in previous years.  A big thank you to councilor Hickey for allowing us to use his dock this year.

Rain day for the fireworks if necessary:  Sat. Aug. 3.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Please be advised that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Mink Lake Property Owners’ Association will be held on Sunday, September 1, 2012, at the Lake St. Peter Community Centre at 10:00 AM. All members of the Association and residents of the lake who would like to join the Association are encouraged to attend.  If you would like a copy of last year’s AGM minutes of the meeting or our constitution, please email  Print copies of both will be available at the meeting.

We have several positions open on the Executive and are looking for volunteers.  If you are interested in joining the executive, please have someone nominate you at the meeting. A reminder that the membership fee increased to $20 this year.

Second Annual Fishing Derby is Right Around the Corner


On Saturday, August 3, The Association is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the second annual Mink Lake Children’s Fishing Derby.  Prizes will be awarded in several age categories for both the most fish caught and the largest.  Eligible fish include: Sun Fish, Perch and Rock Bass:

We ask that any lake trout or small mouth (green) bass caught are released back into the lake.  Our intent with this is to help remove some of the invasive species of fish from the lake.

Below is the schedule of events for the day:

8:00 am – 12:00 pm,  Fishing (from boat, dock or shore, it makes no difference)

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm, bring your fish to the boat launch and enjoy a barbeque and prizes

Cost:  Free to members, or $5 per child up to a maximum of $15 per household

New members who pay their annual dues of $15 at the time of registration can have their children participate free of charge.

To register, please contact Val at 613-338-1142 or Linda at 613-338-1176.

Algonquin Land Claim Update

Attached are two documents recently sent to the MLPOA regarding the land claim settlement with the Algonquins of Ontario.  It is important to emphasize that no lands on Mink Lake or our access roads are affected by the land claim.

In addition to the letter and fact sheet from the chief negotiator for the Province, the association also received a request to draw attention to an online petition opposing the land claim deal.

The MLPOA has no official position on the Land Claim.  The information in this post is provided for the benefit of our members to keep everyone informed.

Cottage-Property Associations – 6-14-13

2013 Mar – Algonquin Fact Sheet

Update on the Lake Water Level and Flooding

It has been a very unusual Spring on the lake this year.  Currently, the lake is 2 – 3 feet higher than it was in the Fall.  Some residents who have been on the lake for over 40 years have never seen the lake this high.  Today, Bancroft declared a state of emergency as the York River overflowed its banks causing flooding in downtown and to homes and businesses along the river.  Yesterday, a section of Highway 62 north of Bancroft was washed away when a beaver dam burst.  On our lake we have had flooding and washouts on Dam Road (please pictures below courtesy of Valda Cormack).

The flooding appears to be caused by a sudden warming and several days of rain that compounded the Spring runoff into a shorter time frame.  As a result, The Mink Lake Property Owner’s Association would like to alert residents that:

1) Flooding might be an issue for your cottage if your property is not higher than 3 feet above the lake level last Fall.  Low lying properties have extensive water on them

2) Depending on your elevation, your lake front and any items such as firewood, furniture, boats, etc., that you stored near the lake in the Fall may not be where you left them when you next arrive at the lake

3) The potential for logs, trees and other debris floating in the lake for the remainder of the year is likely and all boaters should exercise caution looking for debris in the water at all times.

We are likely fortunate that 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th lakes are all mostly still frozen.  Hopefully, if the water level subsides before the ice melts, there will be minimal debris in the lake, however we caution all members strongly to be careful boating this year, especially in May and June.

Below are some photos of the lake level and damage to Dam road as a result of the flooding.  Thanks to Valda Cormack for taking them.

IMG_0254IMG_0244IMG_0241 - CopyIMG_0248

Spring Message to Members

The snow and ice on the lake is melting reminding us that cottage season is just around corner.  With that in mind it is a fitting time to reflect on the past year at Mink Lake and look ahead to the Spring and Summer of 2013.

2012 was indeed a very busy year for your executive with social events, pressing various levels of government on a number of issues and of course the reconstruction of the bridge on Dam Road.  While there was no shortage of challenges on all fronts, your dedicated team on the association accomplished much.

For those who were not able to attend the AGM in September, I am pleased to inform you that your executive took steps to build upon our success this past year by modernizing our constitution and expanding the number of executive members.  To that end we created 3 new positions on the board of directors including Events, Membership and Environmental.  Elected to those positions in order were Bunny Chalk, Karyne Steele and Gordon Cohen.  Bunny has been a long standing volunteer and member of the executive and I have no doubt that her energy, enthusiasm and dedication to the association will bring some excellent ideas to our existing and proposed events for next year.  Karyne and Gordon are both new to the board of directors and have crucial roles for the association as we move forward.  Karyne will be working to refine our membership process and membership base.  Gordon will be monitoring and reporting on environmental issues that impact our lake.  We are very grateful to have Bunny, Karyne and Gordon in these new roles.

The executive met in the Fall and have defined a number of strategic priorities for the upcoming year.  They include exploring the development of a fully functional website wherein we could sell advertising to local merchants and contractors to help increase our revenues.  Planning is already underway for our 2nd annual children’s fishing derby and we are exploring the possibility of a community picnic or barbeque for all members.  We will work to streamline the membership process and will have environmental reports in each newsletter going forward.  We will continue to lobby the local, provincial and federal government over issues such as the dam, speed signage and other issues as they come up.

 In closing, I would like to emphasize that your executive is here to serve you.  We welcome your feedback, suggestions and ideas on how we can continue to improve life on Mink Lake for everyone.  If you are not a member of the association, please take the time to register.  There is a form on our website or you may contact any member of the executive for guidance on how to join.


Mike McGuire


Environment Report


Hello Mink Lake property owners,

My name is Gordon Cohen, and I was recently elected to your executive, responsible for environment. I am from Montreal and share a cottage on Hammond Road with my wife, and our two daughters who live in Toronto.
I would like to bring to your attention a curious creature that was found recently in our lake. It is called BRYOZOA and here is a photo of a colony of them, each about 2/100″ or .4 mm long that was found in the water on the underside of a dock.


The colony appears to be about 8″ or 20 cm long and contains many individual animals. These are very simple creatures having no brain, nor means of locomotion, i.e. they do not move of their own accord.

I have read extensively about them on line, and they may be poisonous to fish, although this is not clear. The best single article is Here is a diagram of an individual animal or zooid, from that article.

Should you wish to write to me about this, or any environmental matter, my address is