May 2, 2015

Hi All
We had the first boat and first canoe of the season go through the Crooked Narrows  Friday May 1 (yesterday)
Also the first pontoon went  through here today (Saturday)
This means to me that summer is close. (not wishing it here to fast though)
The black flies are just starting to come out.
I have been bitten only a couple of times so far
They are not yet out in swarms
Here’s hoping for  a short black fly season due to dry weather
Speaking of dry weather the fire ban is still on and will stay on until we get some heavy rain  so camp fires or clean up fires are not allowed
If you have a lot of brush that you need to get rid of you can take it to the dump for free and put it in the burning pit where it is burnt under supervision
The dump is open Sunday’s and Thursday’s 12 noon to 5pm
A moose was sighted at 996 Dam Rd were the hydro  lines go through
First sighting this spring
Also in the same area porcupines have been sighted  and are active so keep an eye on your pets
Valda Cormack

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