Hello to all the property owners on Mink Lake.  This spring has been up and down weather wise but I read that the weather network is predicting a hotter and drier summer than normal.  After the last few years, it will be a welcome change.

At the Annual General Meeting last September, the executive was elected; a decision to join FOCA and purchase liability insurance was agree upon and an agreement to hold annual fees at $20 instead of the $25, set forth the year before, was decided.

We now are a member of the Federation of Ontario Cottage Associations. (FOCA).  Members will receive a separate e-mail or snail mail on how to access FOCA information.   We are in the process of getting liability insurance and should have it in place within a week or so.

At a recent executive meeting it was decided to have an Information Meeting at the Lake St. Peter Community Centre on June 6th at 11:00 a.m. Children are welcome to attend.  It is not an ideal date but we learned that the community centre books up very quickly in the summer.  At the meeting, we will outline the benefits and processes related to FOCA.  We will also have a free BBQ and have signup sheets for activities this summer.  Some of the definite events are: a Children’s Fishing Derby and BBQ (July25th), a Community Garage Sale (August 8th) and a community potluck and bonfire (Aug 22nd).  There are other activities that we are proposing but they will depend on volunteers and participation.  The possible activities  are ATV Trail rides, euchre, cards, board games, bonfires, potluck dinners, walking club, book club, dinner and theatre in Bancroft, golf, horseshoes, photography, astronomy, geocaching, and anything that is of interest to our members.  Contact John McLellan if you have more suggestions.  Please RSVP any Board member so we can purchase sufficient food for the BBQ.

I encourage all of you to join the association.  Our goal is to improve the social, safety and environmental life on our lake.  For many of you, Mink Lake is your summer home and an important asset in your portfolio.  It should be a safe, fun place to live.  Without a major commercial asset on the lake (e.g. marina or store), it is hard for cottagers to get to know other cottagers.  We hope to assist you in getting to know your neighbours.  Contact Valda Cormack for more information about joining the association.

A thank you to Tamra and Paul Allure for their contributions to the association.  They recently had to resign as Board members due to other pressures.  Finally, a thank you to Valda who has been e-mailing you with updates about the lake.

Dates to Remember

June 6th  11:00 a.m. General  Information Meeting and BBQ Lake St. Peter Community Centre
July 25th 11:00 a.m. Children’s Fishing Derby and BBQ Boat launch
August 8th a.m. Community Garage Sale Boat launch
August 22nd Community Potluck Dinner and bonfire
Sept. 6th at 11:00 a.m. Annual General Meeting Lake St. Peter Community Centre



The 2014/2015 Board Executive

President John McLellan 613-338-5286   613-919-5697 2125 B Mink Lake Rd.
Vice –President open
Treasurer Valda Cormack 613-338- 1142 2125A Mink Lake Rd.
Secretary Linda MacLennan 613-338-1176 996F Dam Road
Social open
Environmental Gordon Cohen 613-338-5403 210 Hammond Rd.
Communications open


We are looking for additional Board members.  We need many more if we want a regatta next year.


Thank you,


John McLellan



May 14, 2015

Hi All
Good news and bad news:
The good news is the fire ban has been lifted also Mink Lake Rd has been fixed at the top of the s bend  and where the bulletin board is the road has been fixed as well.
The bad news is the blackflies are out, swarming and biting now
We are having an executive meeting this weekend to decide what we are going to do this summer. Any suggestions please?
We already have a yard sale / bbq suggested
Please contact us at
Valda Cormack

May 11, 2015

Hi All

I was in contact  with the Ainley Group which is  the construction company that has been working on hwy 127 to find out what the black barriers on the hwy were for and how the replacement of  the culverts and  how this was going to affect us here on Mink Lake. The following is the response recieved,

Details on the Hwy. 127 work per our discussion;

  • Exclusionary Silt fence is being installed in advance of the construction as a preventative measure for turtle nesting – fence is installed to prevent turtles from accessing the granular shoulder to nest.
  • Construction is anticipated to start in late June or early July with completion in the fall.
  • There are no full road closures required. Traffic impacts will include single lane closures to allow for culvert replacement operations and resurfacing.
  • There will be some night work require and the Ministry has obtained a noise by-law exemption in order to do so.

If you have any other inquiries please feel free to contact us.


Kimberly A. Stacey, C.E.T.
Senior Project Manager

I was also in contact with our roads people about our road and was told that it will be looked at and fixed soon. This is in regards to the big gouge taken out by the plow at the top of the snake or s bend on the hill.

There will be a hazardous waste collection this coming Sat May 16 at 29860A-B Hwy 28 South

across from Monck Rd in Bancroft from 10:00am to 3:00pm

Leo’s chip truck is now open at Linkie’s General Store

The black flies seem to have gone due to the cold weather we have been having

I’m sure they will be back though when it warms up again

The trilliums are coming up

And last the frogs are singing again


Valda Cormack

May 2, 2015

Hi All
We had the first boat and first canoe of the season go through the Crooked Narrows  Friday May 1 (yesterday)
Also the first pontoon went  through here today (Saturday)
This means to me that summer is close. (not wishing it here to fast though)
The black flies are just starting to come out.
I have been bitten only a couple of times so far
They are not yet out in swarms
Here’s hoping for  a short black fly season due to dry weather
Speaking of dry weather the fire ban is still on and will stay on until we get some heavy rain  so camp fires or clean up fires are not allowed
If you have a lot of brush that you need to get rid of you can take it to the dump for free and put it in the burning pit where it is burnt under supervision
The dump is open Sunday’s and Thursday’s 12 noon to 5pm
A moose was sighted at 996 Dam Rd were the hydro  lines go through
First sighting this spring
Also in the same area porcupines have been sighted  and are active so keep an eye on your pets
Valda Cormack