Ice Conditions

Hi All
I’ve been asked to give an update on the lake.
The ice is very thin now and will most likely be gone by this week especially if we get the rain and winds we are suppose to get.
It looks almost like slush during the day but as the nights are still cold the ice hardens  then softens up again in the day
The streams are running very fast and high so remind children to stay away from them
The snow is almost gone. There is still lots in the bush and on the sides of the road  where the sun does not get to. Should all be gone by next weekend
Also I was asked to remind you all that once again as spring is here that the bears are coming out of hibernation and are hungry
I have not seen or heard of any yet on our lake but have been told they are around in other places mostly around the dump.
If you see any bears you can report them back to me and I will inform every one on my list.
On the topic of garbage.
This is a reminder that there is no more garbage pick up for Hastings Highlands.
You must take your garbage to the dump yourself or have someone take it for you. Remember also that green garbage bags are no longer allowed. You must use clear bags ( a small kitchen catcher bag is allowed for personal garbage inside the clear bag or on its own at the dump) You must also separate your recycle from your garbage. See Hastings Highlands webb site for a list of what is recyclable. Most of the garbage generated can be recycled here
The Lake St Peter  dump is open on Sundays , Thursdays and on the holiday Mondays from 12 noon to 5 pm
Please do not put your garbage on the road as the animals will get into it.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who while out walking or driving stop to pick up the garbage on the road.
If you see garbage on the road please take the time to stop and pick it up.
Keep our road clean and beautiful. This is everyone’s concern not just a few.
A last reminder if you have not paid your Mink Lake dues and would like to, you can send  a cheque for $20.00 to me at
 Valda Cormack
 treasurer MLPOA
 Box 42
 Lake St Peter On K0L 2K0
or bring it to me at 2125A Mink Lake Rd

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